Because of their involvement with Journey to Transformation,  a principle-based training and mentoring process developed by The Sentinel Group that helps revival-hungry communities prepare for spiritual awakening on a Global scale, a group of like-minded friends from all spheres of life, who have a passion for and want to see their communities transformed, decided enough is enough!

ADOPT-H.O.P.E. was born because of the belief that Grassroots Prayer is part of the key catalysts to ignite the fires of revival and transformation in our communities and that Prayer and Action go hand in hand, and can change people and communities.  

The first area where the Red Post Box started to appear on walls outside homes and in the streets of the township was the Helderberg Basin.

Between the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland Mountains and the False Bay coastline on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula, lie the little towns (communities) that comprise the Heldeberg Basin – Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand, Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Firgrove and Lwandle. The district takes its name from the imposing Helderberg Mountain, which is Afrikaans for "clear mountain".

Each of the communities have their own personality, attractions and, of course, their problems. Together they capture an interesting mix of everything you will find in a big city as well as a small coastal vacation destination.  Many tourists visit the area, but like anywhere else in the world, are totally oblivious to the poverty, child abuse, drug addiction, crime and violence that the locals are faced with every day.

H.O.P.E. – Houses of Prayer Everywhere, is a very simple strategy (no different from many other movements e.g. Lighthouses of Prayer, Serve our Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Prayer etc.)  It encourages people to pray for the streets they live in by registering the street and becoming visible by putting up the Red H-O-P-E Post Box where neigbours can post prayer requests at any time. This creates awareness in the street and allows praying Christians to become a beacon of hope to many others.

Once you have committed to pray for your street and neighbourhood ADOPT(-a-Block) could make it possible for everybody to see change come to their area.  Instead of trying to reach the entire city, they become faithful in their one area.  “H.O.P.E. agents” are encouraged to Prayer Walk their street and block at least once a week, clean and pick up any form of trash as they walk and begin recognizing and befriending the people on their street in order to build relationships with them and find out what their needs are. 

Our dream is for the total Transformation of our communities… our businesses.  We want change to come to the lives of people living and working in our community – that is why we pray for their needs and their problems.   

We want them to understand that God has a purpose and a plan for their lives—that they can be different – therefore we will pray for them to come to Jesus and be filled with love. 

These prayers and actions can start impacting strategic areas of the community through building relationships with people and finding ways to meet their needs, using two simple ingredients:  consistency and servant hood.

Please join this Movement and see how God Transforms our Nation – Street by Street!

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