Journey to Transformation


It is impossible to plan a revival. There is no recipe for it, because the initiator is always the Holy Spirit. However, God’s Word tells us to take actions that invite His mighty presence among us. It is our responsibility to learn the things that attract Him to our communities—and to obediently and faithfully do them.
Many Christians talk longingly about revival, but then get lost in the fog of doubt and uncertainty. They grieve over the condition of their community, but can’t seem to find the pathway to genuine change. They suspect that God is concerned about their plight, but are conflicted over his apparent reluctance to intervene. Even though ministry programs abound, their lives and communities remain strangely unaffected. They feel like they aren’t making a difference.

Perhaps you have discovered these longings and frustrations in your own heart. You want to experience the transforming power of God in your community, but are unsure if there is anything you can do to bring this blessed condition about.   THERE IS!!

The Journey to Transformation is a process that is designed to inspire you and equip you around proven principles that will help you to prepare the way for transforming revival to come to your life and community. 
It is about seeing our communities transformed BY God not simply for God.